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Red River Cereal is a cooked Canadian whole grain cereal
with Cracked Wheat, Cracked Rye, and Flax Seed. 
Red River Cereal originated in 1924 in Manitoba (Canada)'s storied 
Red River of the North (Winnipeg valley region).  
It has a slightly nutty flavor. 
 It is mixture of three whole grains, wheat, rye and flax.  Nothing is added, nothing is removed. 


Red River Cereal is available at Smuckers.com 

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Red River Cereal Bread, 12/26/09 
Made 2 small loaves and 1 baguette

Blizzard on Christmas Eve brought officially only 6 inches, but drifts to over 6' with winds so strong on Christmas day, they covered my tracks to the barn in less than 10 minutes.  I got my workout breaking paths to the barn which is only 300 steps from the house.  Professor Tiz prefers his meals in two courses, so they stay hot and protested the time it took me to make the round trip back to the house for his second course.  Thank goodness for ice spider cleats, I know I can get to the barn despite the ice and snow.  

When we used to fish at Sabourin Lake Lodge, a fly in lake north of Kenora, Canada, the first course for breakfast was Red River Cereal, served hot with brown sugar and cream.  The cooks made Red River Cereal bread out of the left over cereal.  For shore lunch of our just caught walleye, we'd feast on only walleye and bread.  There is no finer meal than just caught walleye, filleted, and fried on a wood fire by your guide.  

I always brought home Red River Cereal and remembered I had a ziplock in the freezer -- at least 20 years old.  The box was long gone, so I tried boiling 3 cups of water and stirring in 1 cup of Red River Cereal.  Checked and stirred every 3 minutes until it thickened -- thicker the better.  

The cereal is even better than I remembered!  Found online bread recipes, but they all wanted to make a sponge that would take setting all night and I wanted Red River Bread now!  So I improvised.

Inhaled 1/2 the first loaf with butter as soon as it was cool enough to slice. 

Lightly toasted the rest for breakfast the next morning bringing memories of Sabourin Lake Lodge breakfast. 
Starting with the hot Red River Cereal topped with brown sugar and cream, blueberry pancakes were a must, and for a full day of fishing, bacon, ham, sausage or better yet all three and eggs as you wish with Red River toast.  


The second loaf and baguette. 

The Red River Cereal survived the fire and the tornado and was in perfect condition after 20 years in the freezer.  Now that I've had both the cereal and bread, it won't last 20 days :)

Smuckers now owns Red River Cereal and it is available in the US.  

24 boxes of Red River Cereal 
Just Arrived!
Customer Service is emailing the official 
Red River Cereal Bread Recipe

Brought 3 cups water to a boil, stirred in 1 cup Red River Cereal. Reduced heat to keep at a boil and checked every 3 minutes. Took about 10 minutes for it to thicken (thicker the better). Turned heat off and let it sit.

Turn oven on the lowest possible setting (warm for mine)

cup lukewarm (not hot) water in small flat bowl 2 pkgs of quick rise yeast - dissolve yeast in warm water 1 t. sugar - sprinkle sugar over yeast Should become foamy within 5 - 10 minutes

In Cuisinart food processor

1.5 cups (about) cooked Red River Cereal cooled cup milk 1 egg Add the yeast, water, sugar mixture 1.5 cups white flour 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 t. salt 2 T. brown sugar 3 T. oil (I used olive oil, could use butter) 1 T. molasses

Needed a lot more flour. Probably added 2 more cups very gradually. Processed a couple of minutes.

Kneaded adding flour until dough wasn't too sticky. Pammed a big bowl, put the dough in and covered with a damp tea towel. Turn oven off and let dough rise until double - about 30 minutes

Deflate dough and let rise again - about 30 minutes

Had 2 small red "rubber" non-stick loaf pans, so I pammed them. Deflated dough and working with 1/3 at a time, kneaded and shaped into loaf. Only had 2 loaf pans, so I shaped the final third into a French bread baguette, put in French bread pan that had been pammed with cornmeal sprinkled.

Oven 375

Covered with damp cloth and let rise to top of bread pans - about 20 minutes. With a very sharp knife (or razor blade), carefully not deflating the risen loaves, slash tops of loaves just before baking to allow expansion when baking.

Baked 30 minutes at 375. (Full size bread pans could take 40 min +). Cool in pans until you can turn out on rack.

Ate the first loaf instantly with butter.

Lightly toasted for breakfast - love it.

Just love this Red River Cereal Bread.

I might add more cooked cereal, less liquid, more whole wheat flour (reducing the white flour).

Could use honey, add craisins or raisins, add chopped nuts.



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