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Gagarin, Lupus Fundraiser
SWB goes Persian to raise funds for Lupus Foundation
"Show me your horse, and I'll tell you what you are"

Persian Rug
from Dr. Mostafa Beik

Gagarin, FEI Swedish Warmblood,
shown with Persian Heriz Rug provided by Dr. Mostafa Beik

Gagarin & Victoria W. Ross

"Show me your horse and I will tell you what you are."

An Olde English saying

Gagarin and I both experienced misdiagnosis but battled on together ... Read More


Victoria Wagner Ross
Victoria Wagner Ross
4 W Northwest Hwy
Arlington Heights, IL 60004 

Victoria Wagner Ross & Gagarin

Dr. Mostafa Beik
Collector of Fine Persian Rugs

I hope this "simple" rug would bring to you the seeds of love to learn more about the art of Persian rugs and help to develop better understanding of the art, history and culture that is woven into this piece


Dr. Mostafa Beik, an international business executive, has been a private collector of fine Persian rugs for the past three decades from his homeland in Iran.  He offers select patrons an excellent collection for various levels of interest.   Read More

Gagarin, FEI Swedish Warmblood,
shown with Antique Persian Turkoman Tribal Rug circa 1910 - 1935

gift from Dr. Mostafa Beik

This beautiful antique saddle rug was made and used by the nomadic tribes located in the Northeast corner of Iran. The Region is mainly known as Turkmenistan ... Read More

Photo Janice Fischer Courtesy Uulke Farm Barrington Hills, Il.

The Hamadan

This rug is from city of Hamadan in the western part of Iran.  The overall design of the rug is a floral pattern.  ...  Read More


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