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Cushings Medication

Johnny Robb's 21 year old mini, Peanut, has Cushings and is on Pergolide
Johnny is the Marketing Agent for the American Shetland Miniature Horse Association
and just delivered two Shetland ponies as gifts to the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation

Pergolide Capsule Info

I'm delighted to share the pergolide capsule info. I wouldn't have know if it hadn't been for another member.

I thought my Professor Tiz was doing just fine on the liquid pergolide too, until I got the capsules. Apparently, the liquid only has a shelf life of 30 days at most and my vet was getting a 60 day supply each time. With the liquid, I put it in his feed and could never be sure he was getting the medicine or spilling it on the floor -- he looks and even walks around when he eats.

With the capsules, I feed him a teaspoon of sweet feed with the capsule and I know he gets his dosage. This spring, after being on the capsules for about 9 months, he shed off earlier and so much slicker than he ever did with the liquid.

The source for the pergolide capsules is

Todd's Harvard Park Pharmacy
950 East Harvard Avenue
Denver CO 80210

Phone 303-733-3755

Cost is much less than the liquid too --- $90 for a 6 month supply plus $5 shipping (this is for 1 mg capsules). Your vet has to fax a prescription, then they ship directly to you and immediately. They are so nice.

By the way, the pharmacy does not pay for an ad on Dressage.com. I'm just so delighted to have the capsules especially since it so visibly helped my Professor Tiz.


Thanks to Dressage.com member Susie Gordon who told me about pergolide capsules for horses with Cushings.  My now 27 year old, Professor Tiz, had been on the pergolide liquid for several years.  The liquid was a 60 day supply which Susie explained had a limited shelf life of 30 days or less.  As I just put the liquid on his feed, I was never sure Tiz got the full dose or perhaps spilled it on the floor.  Typical of a horse with Cushings, Tiz did not shed out in the Spring and I would have to clip him.  

This spring, after a year on the pergolide capsules which I feed with a teaspoon of sweet feed each night assuring Tiz gets his full dosage, Tiz not only shed out completely and before his miniature herd, his coat actually shines.  

The capsules cost less than half of what I was paying for the liquid pergolide by a local lab. Email ky@dressage.com if you'd like my source for the capsules.  Your vet has to fax a prescription, then the capsules (I get a six month supply) are immediately shipped directly to you.  

As several members commented, pergolide is also available as a powder and a "cookie" -- both of these are acceptable sources.  

Additional information about Cushings and pergolide is available at the 

Equine Cushing's list owned and moderated by Eleanor Kellon, VMD.










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